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EIU Student Chapter Awards

 2014-2015 Honorable Mention
 2013-2014 Honorable Mention
 2012-2013 Commendable
 2011-2012 Honorable Mention
 2010-2011  Honorable Mention
 2009-2010 Honorable Mention
 2008-2009 Commendable
 2007-2008 Commendable
 2004-2005 Honorable Mention
 2003-2004 Honorable Mention
 2002-2003 Honorable Mention
 2001-2002 Honorable Mention
 1999-2000 Commendable
 1998-1999 Commendable
 1997-1998 Commendable
 1996-1997 Honorable Mention

UIUC Student Chapter Awards

 2016-2017 Honorable Mention 
 2015-2016 Commendable 
 2014-2015 Honorable Mention
  Green Chemistry Student Chapter Award
 2013-2014  Honorable Mention
  Green Chemistry Student Chapter Award
 2012-2013 Certificate of Achievement
  Green Chemistry Student Chapter Award
 2011-2012 Certificate of Achievement
 2009-2010 Commendable
 2008-2009 Commendable
 2007-2008 Honorable Mention
 2006-2007 Honorable Mention
 1997-1998 Commendable
 1996-1997 Outstanding
Certificate of Achievement

ChemLuminary Awards


 Winners for:

  • "Best Overall WCC Local Section"
  • "Fostering Interactions between Local Sections and Student Chapters"
  • "Outstanding New Local Section Younger Chemists Committee"
  • "Outstanding Local Section Industry Event"

 Finalists for:

  • "Most Creative NCW Celebration Using the Yearly Theme"
  • "Outstanding Sustainability Activities" 

 Finalist for:

  • “Best Overall WCC Local Section” from the Women Chemists Committee (UIUC Committee)

 Finalist for:

  • “Best Overall WCC Local Section” from the Women Chemists Committee (UIUC Committee)

 Finalist for:

  • “Most Innovative New Activity or Program in a Local Section” from the Local Section Activities Committee (LSAC)

Project Grants

2016 New Activities Grant ECIWe are happy to announce that the Local Section Activities Committee has approved $3,000 of funding for the first annual ECI Undergrad Research Conference! In general, we have two poster sessions arranged by topic, a lunch/networking break at noon, and an awards ceremony at the end. Local industry professionals and professors/staff from UIUC will be invited to judge the posters and give awards in several categories. Applications will open over the summer and the conference will be held in early November.
2015 Science Cafe Mini-GrantYCC The Science Cafe mini-grant is a particularly competitive with many local sections submitting worthy ideas. The East Central Illinois Local Section, planned by the Young Chemistry Committee, has been funded $400.00. This proposal outlined a very well-planned event exploring the future state of energy, which is a topical and timely subject. Congratulations YCC on submitting a winning proposal!
2015 New Activities Grant  Undergraduate Student Chapter at UIUCThe group received $600 of startup funds for a new outreach program in collaboration with the ECI local section, titled "bridging the gap: promoting college-level thinking in high school ChemClubs." The overarching goal of this outreach program is to bridge the gap between high school and college education in chemistry. This will be accomplished in three parts: (1) demonstrations from undergraduate volunteers and experiment kits to help students become comfortable in the laboratory, (2) mock lab practicals from U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad past exams, and (3) a question and answer event with undergraduates where high school students can learn more about the transition to college.


U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad Nominations


 2016 Andrew Walmer (Mahomet-Seymour High School)
  Iain Carpenter (Mahomet-Seymour High School)
  Carlee Mayer (Iroquois West High School)
  Kirsten Schroeder (Iroquois West High School)


ECI Local Section Awards

To encourage excellence in scholarship and service throughout our local section, we choose outstanding members as local section award recipients. If you know anyone on this list, please congratulate them!

(1) Middle School Teacher Award. Awarded for excellence in the advancement of education in chemistry and the sciences for middle school students.

(2) High School Science Teacher Award. Awarded for service and curriculum development relating to the practice of a chemical science.

(3) High School Student Award. Awarded based on scholarship and involvement in extracurricular activities relating to the chemical sciences.

(4) Local Section Member Award Awarded to current members of the ECI local section for outstanding service in the community and for promoting a greater public understanding of chemistry.


Spring 2016 Awards 

Read more here:

 Middle School Teacher Award Geoff Freymuth
 High School Science Teacher Award Grant Meyer
 High School Student Award Iulianna Taritsa and Ben Schiffer
 Local Section Member Award Joaquín Rodríguez-López

View the 2016 application here

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